Cathy Dammann featured in Baja Traveler

Cathy Dammann featured in Baja Traveler

Beautiful, Inside and Out

By Michelle Mc Dermott

Cathy Dammann was featured in “Successful Women of Baja” in the 2012 edition of Baja Traveler. Underneath is the copy of the feature article.


Cathy Dammann featured in Baja Traveler

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Cathy Dammann always knew the career she wanted to pursue.

When asked what she wanted to be when she left school, Cathy responds, ‘I wanted to be a surgical nurse. But after I became a surgical nurse, I realized that I really missed the interaction with the patient. So I really loved it when I went to work with a plastic surgeon and was able to first meet the patient before surgery then follow up, post-op. It was this job that gave me the desire to pursue cosmetic laser.’

In 1990, Cathy, armed with degrees in Nursing, advanced certificates in Light and Laser Therapies and her Medical Aesthetics Practitioner license, left Seattle behind and made her way to Los Angeles, where she worked for Variel Health International. In this position, Cathy made guest appearances on shows such as Oprah, GTV and Good Morning America, speaking about the latest advances in health and beauty products. Behind the scenes, the heavy workload was taking its toll. With many nights away from the family, Cathy and her husband decided it was time to retire across the border.

America’s Loss is Mexico’s Gain

In 2001, the family moved to Todos Santos, but the yearning to make a contribution to the local community was already building. Cathy offers up this sage advice from her parents, ‘My parents always encouraged me to pursue a career that I love and to do something that benefits those around you.’

In 2004, Cathy launched Spa Cielo and immediately set to work providing acne treatments for children. She also offered hyperbaric treatments for diabetic wound healing. It didn’t take long for the word to get out! In 2005, Cathy purchased her premises on the third floor of Plaza los Portales and launched Spa Cielo Laser Center. With purchase of the newest state of the art Cutera laser equipment, Cathy was able to “Turn Back the Hands of Time”, zapping away age spots and spider veins with her magic wands of light and lasers. In 2009, Cathy invited Dr Alma Vazquez to join the Spa as a provider of Botox and filler applications . The Spa’s extensive menu of treatments now includes a medical weight loss center with the HCG Diet protocol and complete in-house laboratory. It is also the only place in Southern Baja that offers Vitamin D testing.

Life Achievement

When asked about her major achievement in life so far, Cathy responds, ‘I have found that my business here in Baja meets both goals of pursuing a career I love making a difference in people’s lives.’ She goes on, ‘Many people think that a cosmetic procedure is superficial, but the change I love seeing is the change in my patients’ confidence and self-esteem. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a teenager, who came in with head bowed in low self-esteem transformed when their complexion is clear again. Or seeing a patient who has been struggling with weight issues achieves a healthy weight and feeling good about themselves. I believe that confidence and self-esteem is the best thing you could ever give a person! I feel very blessed because I’m doing something that I love and that can help people feel so much better about themselves.’

Know Your Numbers

Cathy’s latest endeavor is Community Health Care, with the goal of providing free and low cost health screenings for the entire family.
She states, ‘What is life without your health? I believe that it is very important to give something back to the community and preventive health care is greatly needed, here in Baja.’

Definition of Success

Cathy’s parents have been an important influence all through her life. ‘They built a business together and many times, it was not easy, but they always demonstrated that faith in God, hard work and relying on those close to you, would lead to success.’
The proof is in the statistics: With a total of 11 employees,  Spa Cielo has treated over 4000 patients and performed over 20,000 procedures. In 2009, the Mexican Association of Medical Tourism awarded the business the title of ‘Best Medical Spa.’
Cathy believes that ‘Success is not measured by the money you have but the difference you make in the lives you touch.’ She states, ‘I firmly believe a person’s success is truly based on the opportunities God gives us and how we use those gifts to bless the lives of others around us. I think it is so very important that you love the work you do and that you find it rewarding.’

What’s Next

I hope to become a Grandmother! And I certainly don’t see me leaving the Baja Community or the work that I love so much.’

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