Recapture Your Youthfulness

Recapture Your Youthfulness

Margarita F., who is recently divorced, is now being battling with a new challenge at age 55.  After having dedicated her life to the upbringing of her children and after her recent divorce, she is now in the midst of an incessant competition in the workplace. “It is not easy to be hired, people issues judgments according to the appearance of people”, states Margarita, “and having a haggard and worn appearance from my recent stress does not help during the interview process.” 

Dr. Héctor Cantú Martinez

Margarita has decided to perform plastic surgery on her nose, a lower face and neck lift and CO2 to rejuvenate her skin by removing the brown spots and wrinkles, in an effort to feel, more confident during the difficult process of re-entering the workforce.

Today has been recently an increase in this trend, people want to look radiant, young and fresh.The main reasons to undergo anti-aging treatments are mainly to keep current in the field as well as to the search for employment and the maintenance of the status.

Dr. Héctor Cantú Martínez, renown plastic surgeon of Mexico is now “turning back the clock”, here in Los Cabos, for patients like Margarita who want to hold on the their youthful appearance.  Spa Cielo is working in conjunction with Dr. Héctor Cantú to provide a variety of natural looking rejuvenating treatment options,  with everything complete facelifts, to the latest is skin resurfacing with fractional CO2, named  “No. 1 Best Anti-aging breakthrough” by Web MD, as well as fillers and botox.

The combination of surgical interventions, laser technologies, dermal fillers and botox leave a patient with amazing natural results for a surprisingly rejuvenated look.  Cathy Dammann, owner of Spa Cielo and Medical Aesthetic Practitioner says, “I have worked with many plastic surgeons in coordination of treatment plans.  It is absolutely imperative that your plastic surgeon has a clear understanding of facial structure and anatomy, if plastic surgery is made by wrong hands and seems obvious, it could be counterproductive.”

If you’ve never liked, always wished, can’t stop obsessing about, maybe it’s time to think about treating yourself… to self-confidence and happiness. I know what it’s like to question; even agonize about, whether getting something “done” is the right thing to do. Thankfully with today’s advancements in facial rejuvenation and body treatments, and skilled surgeons like Dr. Cantu, you can generally avoid looking like you’ve received a treatment or surgery, and instead simply appear “refreshed” – like you just returned from a “rejuvenation vacation”.

“I have found that it is often the most subtle change that has the most dramatic, yet undetectable effect on your appearance. Dr. Héctor Cantú an impeccable surgeon, and I can say without reservation maybe the best I have ever seen.   After seeing his amazing work on several of my patients, I made my decision and I underwent a lower face and necklift this last week.  I am thrilled beyond words, states Cathy.”  

Dr. Hector Cantú will return to Los Cabos on February 20th, call Spa Cielo to make your appointment 624 105 2209.

Dr. Hector Cantu is another of the surgeons that complete our staff of physicians,  he is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon who currently holds a solely independent practice at ha Hospital Angeles del Pedregal.  However he is one of the current leaders in post/bariatric  surgery and body contour he is the former chair of Contour from the Hospital GEA Gonzalez and a former professor of plastic surgery from the National University of Mexico.  He is well acquainted in Cabo as he has performed numerously successful interventions at Cabo.

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